Pastor's Message

photo of Pastor Adrienne BrewingonThanks for visiting our website!

As you can see on these pages, we are an active church, committed to living out our faith--not just talking about it.  Consider our many opportunities for mission and service, and join us as you are able.  We would also consider some ministry or project not on our list that you are interested in.  Send me an email or make an appointment to talk with me, and let's see what we can do together!  In some cases, you can just show up at an event we have publicized and work alongside us.

Now that I've bragged about our commitment to act on behalf of Jesus Christ, I should add that we're also good at listening and talking!  Our small group ministries offer a chance for people to explore spirituality and life tasks in a supportive, Christian context.  Our fellowship and study opportunities allow us to explore the world outside ourselves.  Again, please contact me to join a group or to form a new group, and there are some ministries where you can just show up and join in.

But central to what we are as a church is the worship of God, whom we experience in many ways, but let's just mention three: God is as close to us as a father or mother and as far from us as the space beyond the galaxies; God is known to us most clearly in Jesus of Nazareth but can be detected in others; God overcomes us to lead us to great discoveries but also leaves us free to find our own way.  We regularly have two services each Sunday, each with its own style and Bible-based message.  Come and worship with us!  God may be calling us to grow in faith together!

With Christian love,

Adrienne Brewington
Senior Pastor

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